Turning Full Circle

My first ever camera was the Fuji S5000 3.6megapixel camera. This is what got me started in photography. After a few years I discovered the DSLRs by Canon which was 8yrs ago now during when I’ve owned EOS 400D & 7D. Since then the technology has immensely improved but the form factor has not changed much at Canon nor they have shown interest in releasing any sort of half decent mirrorless system. This has been my disappointment with Canon.

So now I’ve returned back to FujiFilm with this awesome camera X-T1. What’s even better is that they have $200 off all of their lens at the moment so I already saved $400. Check it out http://www.fujifilm.com.au/
Fuji X-T1
I chose an all purpose zoom length with the 18-135mm which gives me more range than my standard Canon 24-105mm lens. And the 56mm f1.2 prime lens for portraits.

Looking forward to having some fun with this gear.

In case you are wondering, I am not selling off all my Canon gear. Not at all, only a couple of lens but rest I will keep and use still.

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