Flowers are amazingly beautiful and make a great subject while photographing. However, as soon as you put a Macro Lens the World changes and you can see things that you can’t otherwise. I used my Canon 7D and 100mm F2.8 Macro lens to get really close to the flowers and capture details that we tend to miss.

The Stamen of the flower is where the pollen is stored in the Anther is amazingly delicate and beautiful. However photographing it in a way you only show the Anther and fade out the background is difficult as you can’t get the full Anther in focus. The depth of field at F2.8 is exceptionally small when you are only a centimetre away from it, the dept that is in focus is 1 millimetre perhaps even less. So, to get the photo below, I was taking 10 photos by adjusting the Focus manually to ensure all the different areas in the Anther are in focus.


Then we can use Photoshop to stack the images together and have the final image where only the Anther of the Stamen is in focus.


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